At Awana Properties, we pride ourselves on being more than just a array of hotels, shopping centers, and houses.  Our growing property management company strives for excellence in all that we do, and this is made possible through our mentality of hard-work and dedication. From the initial blueprint sketches of our buildings, to their finishing touches, each of our unique properties is designed with quality, comfort, and functionality in mind. In addition, we aim to establish meaningful and intentional relationships with each of our associates and business partners. We believe that in order to receive respect, you must give respect, and this is the driving motto for both our working relationships and those we serve.

Currently, we own properties in the surrounding DC area as well as in Charlottesville, Virginia. As we aim to expand our business, we hold true to our values and company standards, giving each of our properties devoted attention. Our goal is to create sophisticated, yet sensible spaces that can accommodate and serve a diverse background of individuals.